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Lynx32 published!

Hai all!
It's my first post in english :D Sorry if i speak everything wrong but my english is medium to low :P
You may have heard something about Lynx32 but most people have never heard about it.
Lynx32 is easy project. It sounds awful if you are a complete layman, or programming from the recently, but it really is a simple project.
The simple architecture 
Lynx has 4 registers: two 16 bits, two 8 bits and a common set of two 8-bit.In the future I plan to implement a stack. I want to use it for functions and procedures as a "container" to the arguments. While we're on the list, todo, it would be to provide:
TODO list:
My task list is simple: in the future I plan to Implement "green threads" (as in the JVM),Procedures and functions and variables. The Latter is planning to keep the code as aseparate segment, however, as in assembler. I thought also of the use for that purpose registers, but scares me the amount of such records in such a Parrot(32 for all of 4 types!).
This entry is short because it is in English. I hope that you are interested in this project. If so go to this site
and help me(eg. leave a comment or tell me about errors).

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